The Carrotmob Crew (left to right) - Omar, Ronda, Robbyn, Mickey, Josh, Banks, Charles, and Emily. Photo Credit: Jason Vanderhill (jmv on Flickr)

The results are in! Carrotmob Vancouver was a big success!

TOTAL REVENUE = $1632.78 + 10% = $1796.06

That is about a 60% increase in revenue compared to an average Sunday!

Not only did the Carrotmob generate a great bundle of capital for Salt Spring Coffee to use to improve their energy efficiency, the event also generated substantial news and social media coverage for Salt Spring Coffee. Carrotmob organizers recently wrote on their blog,

“Leading up to the Carrotmob we got some great coverage from The Courier, CTV, CBC Radio, the Epoch Times, and some awesome local blogs including Granville Online, East of Main, and Darren Barefoot. Two of our lovely sponsors, Kiwano Marketing and TheChange poured their hearts into getting the Carrotmob word out through their blogs and tweets. Of course, we can’t forget all our Facebook Group members who came out to join in the fun!” … read more.

Photo Credit: Jason Vanderhill (jmv on Flickr)

We were really pleased to work with the Carrotmob group as their sustainability partner, and we look forward to working with them again in the future! Our role was to work with business during the bidding process to propose ideas on how they could improve their environmental footprint with the money they could generate through the Carrotmob. Recently I spoke with Granville Online blogger, Kristen Gladiuk.

Photo credit: Charles Tremewen

“It was great to see how positive and enthusisastic the response from the owners was—even from those who hadn’t previously thought a lot about the changes their business could make,” said Jubenvill of the Vancouver Carrotmob candidates…. read more.

We will continue to work with Vancouver Carrotmob as they wrap up their first “mob” by helping them determine what carbon emissions savings Salt Spring Coffee will be achieving with their upgrades and retrofits.


Carrotmob Vancouver is a consumer collective that works with and rewards businesses that take active steps to reduce their environmental impact and increase their social capital within their communities. Find them at www.vancouver.carrotmob.org, on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.


Did you read the article about the Carrotmob in the Vancouver Courier today? Jeremy Shepard wrote a great article about the group and what they’ve been up to, including an interview with Carrotmob Vancouver founder, Omar Mutashar.

“Omar Mutashar, the founder of the Vancouver branch of Carrotmob, hopes the first swarming of a local store May 16 will attract at least 200 extra customers to Salt Spring Coffee on Main Street. The Carrotmobbers plan to patronize the store near Main and 27th Avenue between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m”….read more.

Omar also made it clear that this may be the first Vancouver Carrotmob, but it won’t be the last! Judging by the response that they’ve received from community members and other green-minded businesses and organizations, there is a lot of support for this event.

With an AMAZING line-up of PRIZES, the Carrotmob is sure to please everyone that shows up to participate in the Carrotmob between 11:00am – 2:00pm! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the prizes you could win:

Designer Reusable Bags from Lavish&Lime

Envirosax designer reusable bags from Lavish&Lime

Envirosax designer reusable bags from Lavish&Lime - selling eco-friendly, natural/non-toxic, and Canadian made products!

3 Pairs of Tickets to EPIC !

The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo is Western Canada's largest sustainable consumer tradeshow and eco-marketplace.

The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo is Western Canada's largest sustainable consumer tradeshow and eco-marketplace!

Eco-homewares from Dream Designs

Hemp napkin & placemat set, organic flxseed eye pillows, and lavender dryer bags to add some eco-luxury to your life.

Hemp napkin & placemat set, organic flxseed eye pillows, and lavender dryer bags to add some eco-luxury to your life.


The Carrotmob is just eleven days away! How exciting!

Do you want to help?

1) Email, tweet, and Facebook message, phone, or even TALK to your friends to invite them to the Carrotmob at Salt Spring Coffee on Sunday, May 16th!

2) If you haven’t already, join the Facebook Group and RSVP to the event!

3) Get ready – make signs, and carrot costumes! An event for this will be posted to Facebook soon!

4) Are you a musician, juggler, fire dancer, or other sort of amazing entertainer? Want to show off your skills at the Carrotmob?! Contact carrotmob.bc [at] gmail.com

We’re happy to announce that Carrotmob Vancouver will be happening on Sunday May 16th at Salt Spring Coffee located at 4295 Main Street, Vancouver.

This event is going to exciting with live entertainment, tasty beverages, and


of revenues from the day going towards improving the energy efficiency of the Salt Spring Coffee Shop.

It’s been a whirlwind week of voting! A big thank-you to all the coffee shops that participated in this Carrotmob! The bids on the table were excellent, and I hope that each of the coffee shops finds new ways to engage and inspire their customers to support their sustainability initiatives.  It would be great to see each of the ideas presented in the video interviews happen!

Thank-you Voters! It was tough choice between so many excellent ideas and bids, so we appreciate the time you took to share your opinion.

The Vancouver Carrotmob Winner is…..

Salt Spring Coffee

For the curious at heart, the votes were distributed as follows:

Stay tuned because we will be releasing the details on WHEN the Carrotmob will be held soon! In the meantime, tell your friends about Vancouver Carrotmob, and get them to join the Facebook group!

A Little Mob Money Can Nudge Business to Help Save the Earth

If you missed it, Carrotmob Victoria and Vancouver and Small Feet Inc were mentioned in an article in The Globe And Mail today on the great success of the Toronto Carrotmob last week!

“Last fall, Discovery Coffee in Victoria was the first to get “carroted” in Canada. It spent the $3,000 it received on improving its waste-disposal system and now recycles 95 per cent of its waste. Victoria’s Wannawafel was mobbed last month, and the entire $2,135 it got was committed to improving waste management. The Vancouver Carrotmob is in the midst of voting for which Main Street coffee shop will get mobbed and there are plans for a mob in Halifax this summer.

Joshua Schmidt of Small Feet Inc., a company that helps businesses go green and is one of the Victoria organizers, sees the attraction in the direct local impact. “It has to have that very strong local focus for a community to take on and to take ownership over… read more.”

It’s really exciting to see the momentum growing around Carrotmobs, and the power that small businesses do have to make a change and reduce their environmental impact. It’s obvious that consumers are on board and happy to get involved and organized to make it happen!

“The benefits of the new mob mentality aren’t lost on business owners. Mr. Gyaltsan of G’s Fine Foods had bid against four other businesses in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood that Mr. Koenig and friends had canvassed. He specifically promised he would commit all of the revenue from 12 to 4 p.m. toward energy-efficiency improvements. But after witnessing the event’s success – it was the largest North American Carrotmob to date – he decided to use the entire day’s earnings for the renovations, which will be determined in the coming weeks with the non-profit consultants Windfall Ecology Centre… read more.

Congratulations Carrotmob Toronto! We hope to have a turn-out like yours (or better!) in Vancouver next month!

Bidding has closed, and voting begins. Carrotmob Vancouver wants to know who YOU think should win “the mob”! All of the participating coffee shops have made excellent bids, but these video clips will help you decide who should be the final winner. We’ve asked each coffee shop representative to tell us about what they already do to be socially and environmentally conscious, and what they would like to do with the money if they win. This is where it gets interesting, and you get the opportunity to support the coffee shop that you think is making the biggest commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Watch and share the interviews on our YouTube channel or here:

Waves Coffee – Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting, Water Efficient Toilets/Faucets, Refrigeration Seals

Java-Licious – Carrotmobber’s Input & Waste Reduction

Gene Coffee Bar – Upgrade to Water Efficient Toilets

Salt Spring Coffee – Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting

Re-Entry Espresso – Reusable Cup Exchange